Dr. Michael Civin

Dr. Michael Civin gained a robust education on his journey to become a doctor of psychology with a thirty-year career. Attending Harvard College in Boston and graduating with his A.B. degree in 1968 — graduating with cum laude honors at that — was just the beginning. Civin continued onto the University of Oregon for his first of two Masters degree, earning it in 1970. By 1986, he completed his studies toward a second Masters degree in clinical psychology from the Adelphi University Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies. From there, he also earned his PhD in clinical psychology in 1988.

With a robust education behind him, Dr. Michael Civin moved into psychological work, but never stopped learning — or sharing his education with others. He completed postdoctoral work in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, earning a postdoctoral certificate in 1993. He also taught at an academic level, serving as a professor, associate professor and faculty member at various institutions. His scholarly research, conducted alongside his academic and professional work in private practice, was also well-received and published as article and book chapters throughout his three-decade career. Many of his students have gone on to flourishing careers in psychology.